"Teaching is about inspiring, mentoring, and allowing young artists to discover their passion for the arts and their unique voice through dance."
When asked what she wanted to be when she was younger, it was always two things: a jazz dance teacher and an orthopedic surgeon. She began dancing at two years old, but at eight had her first injury - a broken ankle which kept her from dancing at the start of her third competition season. From that moment on, Arielle learned everything she could about injury prevention and how modern day science can keep dancers healthy.
Even though she had assisted many of her teachers in jazz, ballet, contemporary, and hip hop classes, Arielle officially began teaching at 16 years old. In her junior year of high school, she developed a program called Dance Science Integration with the help of the Dragon Kim Foundation's Fellowship. That summer she helped 30 low-income elementary school students understand the art of dance and the science behind it. 
While her academic journey continued, her dance career began to flourish, particularly choreography. She studied at the Orange County School of the Arts's Commercial Dance Program and was mentored by Kristina Marquez (msc Dance Science, Coach for NBA Sacramento Kings Dance, founder of Empowered Dancer). While there, she learned valuable information on how psychology, physics, biology, and nutrition all play a role in dance. After graduating, Arielle began a professional career as a choreographer and dancer. Since then she has choreographed for USC student films, Chapman student films, and several musical artists. ​​​​​​
Arielle loves working with young dancers and teaching them how to be "smart" dancers - staying smart with injury prevention while developing their artistry. Her passion for teaching is all about giving back. Still actively training herself, Arielle passes on current techniques, styles, and lessons to help her dancers reach their goals.
Currently, she is on faculty at Dancecapade (Walnut, CA) and Next Big Thing Academy (Anaheim, CA) and travels nationwide for choreography and teaching.
For choreography or teaching inquiries: dettmerarielle@gmail.com
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